The Science – How Dermacut Works

A significant percentage of men become frustrated and discouraged somewhere along the way in their quest for the perfect physique. Why? Because fat deposits in the upper body area are not only extremely common, but also extremely hard to get rid of. They can make even the most impressive and sculpted six pack look cushioned and flabby, which is obviously not consistent with most guys’ visions of the ideal male form.


If you’ve been trying for months to shed that layer of fat just below your skin to fully showcase the results of your fitness efforts without success, you may be beginning to question your diet and exercise plan, or perhaps you’re seriously considering drastic fat-reduction techniques such as liposuction. Worst of all, you may even be getting close to giving up on the idea of a sinewy body that you’re proud to show off at the fitness center and at home.

Thankfully, you discovered our fat-cutting gel before condemning yourself to having a flabby midsection or going under the knife. You’re extremely interested in a topical product that can penetrate skin and effectively fight those stubborn deposits, but you’re not clear on how a gel can possibly eliminate fat when cutting calories and push-ups haven’t worked. Before you seriously consider placing an order for Dermacut, you need a straight up answer to this question: “How does Dermacut actually work?”

Dermacut is one of the most complete and most powerful topical fat-reducing formulas currently available on the market. The emulsifying gel represents a comprehensive, multi-action approach to shrinking adipocytes and inhibiting future fat storage, which can drastically reduce the amount of surface layer fat in practically any problem area. The result is a leaner, sleeker, sexier, and more enviable physique!*

Fat deposits that haven’t gone away after an extended period of healthy eating and regular exercise aren’t likely to disappear on their own any time soon. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to accept the idea of having a less-than-perfect chest, midsection, or back! Dermacut is the fat-cutting product that can give you ripped results!*

The Remarkable Extracts In Dermacut Can

  • Shrink fat deposits*
  • Inhibit adipocyte development*
  • Stimulate fat burning*
  • Keep skin hydrated and healthy*

Dermacut Shrinks Adipocytes To Radically Diminish The Visibility Of Fat Deposits!*

A Winning Physique Maintenance

To comprehend how Dermacut can deliver this amazing result, it’s helpful to be able to visualize precisely where fat accumulations form. If you could see the area directly beneath the dermis (a deeper layer of skin below the surface), you would observe many adipocytes. These specialized cells all have the potential to store fat. As these cells become more and more enlarged, fat deposits become more apparent. They are such a huge problem for many men because once these stores form, it is very difficult to eliminate fat from adipocytes.

The adipocyte-reducing effects of Dermacut are mainly due to a proprietary compound called Adiposlim. It inhibits the production of fatty acids that are stored in adipocytes and create that extremely noticeable spongy layer of fat below the skin’s surface. This effect helps prevent fat cells from becoming more enlarged than they already are. What is even more impressive about this part of the Dermacut formulation, however, is that it can actually shrink existing adipocytes by removing fat from storage.* It subsequently enters the bloodstream. Once fat is freely circulating throughout the body, it can easily be “burned” and eliminated during your next workout. In one study, 71% of subjects experienced noticeable subsurface fat reduction after using Adiposlim.

Dermacut Can Prevent Fat Deposits From Reappearing!*

Dermacut can help reduce the size of existing adipocytes; however, it does not remove the cells themselves.* They are still present under the skin, albeit in a shrunken form. If nothing is done to maintain results, fat will begin collecting in problem regions and the cells will revert to their enlarged, swollen state. Unsightly fat deposits will once again become very conspicuous.

To ensure Dermacut users do not need to endure an endless and frustrating cycle of fat reduction and reappearance, the makers of this advanced cutting gel also included Adipoless as part of the formulation.* It keeps shrunken adipocytes in a dormant, non-operational form.* This helps ensure users get lasting fat-minimizing results by preventing these cells from once again accumulating and storing fat.*

Dermacut Can Stop New Adipocytes From Developing And Maturing!*

The severity of fat deposits depends not only on the size of individual adipocytes, but also on the overall numbers of these cells and their level of maturity. Larger numbers of mature adipocytes are associated with the potential for more visible deposits, because every adipocyte has the capacity to store fat.


One of the key ingredients in Dermacut—Adipoless—has an anti-adipogenesis action that can keep fat-storing cell numbers in check.* It helps inhibit the formation of blood vessels that are necessary to the development of new, functional adipocytes, and it also interferes with enzymes and signals that control new fat cell synthesis. Finally, it prevents existing cells from reaching their mature, fat-storing state. All of these effects can make subcutaneous fat less severe and easier to control.*

Thanks to Dermacut’s multi-action approach, incredible fat-cutting results are just a few applications away!* The key ingredients in this simple-to-use, residue-free gel are based on trailblazing discoveries about how fat is produced, stored, and burned in the male body, and men everywhere are reaping the body-shredding benefits!

Don’t question your workout efforts or accept having sculpted muscles that are covered in soft, yielding fat…order Dermacut to get rid of that pesky subsurface layer and reveal the rock hard physique that lies beneath!*